I am not sure how accurate this info is. If anyone has any additions or corrections please let me know.

CONTACS (COmmunity NeTwork for ACcessing Shelter)
Phone: 602-263-8900 or
24 hours a day,
seven days a week CONTACS is a 24-hour, bilingual, hotline that provides up-to-the-minute shelter bed availability for victims of domestic violence and homelessness. CONTACS has a direct connection to over 70 domestic violence and homeless shelters in Maricopa County. CONTACS will connect domestic violence victims and homeless persons to the appropriate shelter that has available beds.

COMMUNITY REFERRAL Maricopa: 602-263-8856 or 602-263-8900

SALVATION ARMY – 602-267-4122 or 602-267-4130

EAST VALLEY MEN’S CENTER –Call first 480-610-6722 Located at 2345 Country Club, N. of McKellips, finds jobs, must work to stay, Carol

HOUSE OF REFUGE EAST: 6935 E. Williams Field Rd. just E. of Power. Call 480-988-9242 from 8 – 12 or 1-5pm. Applicants must have no home or be evicted, SINGLE women accepted. Must have some kind of income, 85 HUD two bedroom homes. Finds jobs, very nice!

SAVE THE FAMILY – 480-898-0228 – Apply 450 W. 4th Place one block west of Country Club & right off University. Must have kids. Processing takes 1- 4 weeks, Has condo’s at Greenfield & University. Tim, ext. 245

FOUNDATIONS FOR NEW BEGINNINGS: Only for women to get off drug or alcohol addiction. Near Mesa Dr., 613 E. Franklin, 602-255-9558

UNITED METHODIST (U-MOM) meals, shelter, will help find jobs. Over 55 yrs of age without kids is OK. Call 602-275-4533, ext. 212, Phoenix

EMERGENCY SHELTER: 1-800-799-7739

HOUSING PROGRAM – rental help for low income families 480-644-3544

LOW INCOME MESA HOUSING LIST: Call 644-2645. 1 month wait.

LA MESITA, 2254 W. Main, Call 833-9200 ext. 100 at 9am. Converted motel kitchens, laundry, clothes; must have children. Day care 6am to 6pm, Nancy, can use new pajamas for kids 834-8723

SENIOR APTS with Assistance: 833-6036 or 947-3232 must be 62 or
968-0822 age 60.

RETIREMENT Apts. 6210 E. Arbor 924-6474

Shelters & Rentals 2
CENTENIAL: Elderly pay 30% of gross income, 130 W. Brown, 833-6036

SHARED LIVING for elderly in Tempe, 921-0134

BRAND NEW LIFE: 12 person rehab. 227 S. 90th St. 629-5924, Mike

APACHE JUNCTION: 576 San Marcos #4, Main past Iron wood, left on Rennick, Rt on Virginia, 983-2034, abuses or gamblers, 90 day min. Tom

AJ Hope Women’s Center: Hair, classes, mentoring, some cash 983-4673 Terry

Single Women: Shelter 602-263-8900 or be at Tempe Salvation Army 714 S. Myrtle Ave. University E. of Mill by 3:45 pm Thursday thru Sunday.

COMMUNITY BRIDGES: 1811 S. Alma School Rd, 831-7566, for mental health, drug abuses and serves pregnant women, see Lourdes

Transitional Living Communities for substance abusers & others, located at 20 S. Macdonald, 461-3136 or cell 232-8712, no money to start, finds jobs, Jack or Tom

Transitional Living Women’s Program will take homeless but they still must go through the drug/alcohol program, 90 day minimum, meals included, some book study, in West Mesa, call Andrea 233-1107 or Janie 343-5065

MORE APT’S at 6442 E. Arbor west off Power Rd. S. of Main, Greg 593-0902

ARIZONA OPTIONS for elderly housing, 332-5449

ARIZONA SPRINGS APT’S: 45 Lyn Rae, $500/month, $199 move in

MESA FAIR HOUSING: 1-800-496-4294

CHANDLER ACTION: 963-4321 or 963-6276. *GILBERT: 892-5331

TEMPE: CHURCH OF THE RESURECTION, 838-0207, 9am to 11am Tues. &

TEMPE: Salvation army can give shelter 6 nights a week

FOOD BOXES 1 (Always call first)
HOLYCROSS CATHOLIC CHURCH: 1244 Power Rd., S. of Southern M-W-F 9 to 11:30am. Client must live S. of Main. 985-4259, diapers, toiletries, and occasional $50 for rent or utility. Jackie & Bob, helps from Val Vista to Meridian

BROADWAY CHRISTIAN: Mon. thru Wed. 10am to 2pm, one box a month

EAST MESA BAPTIST: 752 S. Ellsworth, Sunday 5 to 7pm. Must attend
service. Has clothing, toiletries, diapers Call 986-9827

VELDA ROSE METHODIST – 5540 E. Main at 56th Street. Open from 9am to noon, Mon. thru Thur. 832-2111

VICTORY LUTHERAN: 5946 E. University at Recker open MWF 9 to 11:30am. 654-4539. Robert OR Lanae

CHURCH OF THE MASTER: 6659 University, 985-1660, Mon. 9 to 11 am

CENTRAL CHRISTIAN: 924-4946 1st & 3rd Sat 8:30am to 10am haircuts, showers, 933 N. Lindsay, Wed. 5 to 6 pm food boxes, clothes, Nancy, may have BIKES

CHRIST THE KING: 1616 E. Broadway, 964-1719 Thursdays 5 to 6:30pm

ST. MARKS, 322 N. Horne south of University, TUESDAY only 9:30 to 11:30 am, 733-3082 or 962-0984, has medical supplies, Joe or Valerie, Thrift store on Stapley & Univ.

FIRST LUTHERAN: 142 N. Date which is N. of Main & E. of Country Club 9-11 am on Tues. & Thu 332-5589 call first (no food 2nd Tues.)

ALL SAINTS: Call first 985-7693, N. Recker south of McKellips, MaryAnn & Mark

ST. BRIDGET’S: 2213 N. Lindsay, helps N. of Brown, call first 807-1493 Marilyn

CHURCH OF THE RESURRECTION: Tue. & Thu. 9am to 11:00am at 3201 S. Evergreen which is S. of Main and W. of Dobson. 838-0207

UNITED FOOD BANK: 358 E. Javelina at Mesa Drive, Call Rick 926-4897 ext 220, DeAnn 381-4566, Friday’s only for anyone, or some Saturdays, $16 a month will get you $40 of staples, produce & meats Christmas toys?

RED MT. METHODIST: Power rd at McDowell, some food, call first 981-3833

FOOD BOXES 2 (Always call first)
MORMONS: Bishops Warehouse 894-1193, food & jobs ask for Bishop at stake

PAZ DE CRISTO: 2nd Tuesday & 4th Saturday each month, call first 464-2370

QUEEN OF PEACE: 141 N. MacDonald call Mon. or Fri. only, 9 to 10am for appointment, from Alma School to Stapley, 366-4953, Mike

SALVATION ARMY: 241 E. 6th st. Bldg. 3 in back, by Mesa Dr. CALL first 833-8322, clothes soap, tooth paste, diapers. Open 8am to 3pm, Mon-Thur or Fri. am, Maria

CARE PARTNERSHIP: 466 S. Bellview, East of Mesa Dr., south of Broadway, MUST CALL FIRST 833-8987 Mon-Fri. 8am to 6pm, also clothes

1st PRESBYTERIAN: 161 N. Mesa Dr. 964-8606 ext. 105. Mon & Fri. 10am to 12 noon, gas vouchers 649-0206

FOOD STAMPS: Call 602-542-9935 or 1-800-352-8401

APACHE JUNCTION: ST. GEORGE, 300 E. 16th Ave. 982-2929, Tu-W-Thur. Women’s

HOPE Center, 983-4673, Desert Chapel, 982-2259 Caring Corp. 962-5612

CHANDLER, 899-7386 TEMPE: CEDA 921-1990 or TEAM 350-5880

GILBERT: ST. ANNE’S Catholic at 440 E. Eliot. Call Tues/Th/Sat am 892-0905

PAZ DE CRISTO: 464-2370, diapers, eye glasses, toiletries & bus tickets first Friday of every month. MEALS 5:30 pm to 6:45 pm daily includes Holidays. Located at 424 W. Broadway, west of Country Club Dr., Mesa, AZ, 85210 Mike & Francis

MULTI-GENERATION Center lunch, 7550 E. Adobe, Seniors must call 1st 218-2221

WINDEMERE: 5750 E. Main, 985-3600, Mgr. Suzanne $210 NOT Feb or March

DESERT VILLA: Just west of Power, *82-228-0695 Samantha & Jerome takes pets

BROADVIEW: 8008 E. Main at 80th street, 986-3011

CIRCLE RB LODGE: 6547 E. Main, 985-9923, Sandoval non-smoking only

COLONADE: 981-8888, $210 yes pets MILES motel: 985-2200 takes pets

FOUNTAIN MOTEL: 981-0341 or 981-3886, Andrea #123, Main at 63rd, NO pets

BROADWAY CHRISTIAN CHURCH: call 807-1668 for family aid, etc. Will take court ordered community service workers. Food bank hours from 9AM – 12 Noon on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  We do offer assistance for utility help for the following zip codes, 85206, 07, 08, and 09.

PAZ DE CRISTO – 464-2370, diapers, eye glasses, toiletries & bus tickets first Fri. of month, has I.D.’s on Mondays 1pm, job search, mailing address & phone. Clothing 3pm Wed. No rent money, at 424 W. Broadway, West of Country Club

MESA CAN (A New Leaf) 635 Broadway E. of Mesa Dr. 833-9200 or 890-7334 Mon. utilities, (water not included) Tues. Rent, 5 to 6pm, or press “0” for information. Parents with SRP shut off notice can call anytime. Must bring photo I.D., soc. Security & birth certificates for whole family, SRP bill with address, signed lease, proof of income. Call Brenda 210, Dina 201. W.I.C. help for women. Resume or job ext. 206. Help with bankruptcy or late mortgage call 962-5612, Linda 834-2108

CHURCH OF THE MASTER: 6659 E. University, 985-1660, Mon. 9 to 11

1st Baptist church 4801 E. Brown Rd. 981-9684

St. Vincent De Paul: 602-254-3338, downtown Phoenix may help in Mesa

SALVATION ARMY: 241 E. 6th St. Bldg. 3 in back, near Mesa Dr. 833-8322. 8am to 3pm must call first, utilities only, free eye exams, toiletries, Bus help, & GAS vouchers with license and proof of insurance, can speak Spanish, Maria or Nancy

Victory Lutheran Church: At E. University & Recker, 654-4539 Open MWF 9-11 am. Rent evictions only, water & SRP help, some bus tickets, 602-957-2153, Robert, Their Thrift Store is at 4501 E. Main, 218-1425 Ilene

HOLY CROSS Catholic Church – 1244 S. Power near Southern – Mon, Wed, Fri,
9 am -11:30 am. 985-4259: from south of Main & Val Vista to Meridian

ALL SAINTS Catholic: 1534 N. Recker. Must call first 985-7693, from north of Main & Val Vista to Meridian. Rent & utilities, leave message, MaryAnn

CHRIST THE KING HOPE OUTREACH– 964-1719. Call for evictions only. 1616 E. Broadway, W. of Gilbert, Tuesday am or Thursday 4 to 6 pm

FIRST PRESBYTERIAN: 161 N. Mesa Dr. 964-8606 ext. 105 leave a message, will do rent, utilities, bus tickets, Bob


MORTGAGE ASSISTANCE: Call Dolly 602-263-5741 or 1-877-448-1211

MESA HOUSING: Will help pay for rent, 644-3536 or 644-2645, Get applications & required documents at 415 N. Pasadena in downtown Mesa.

ST. BRIDGET CATHOLIC: 2213 N. Lindsay, 807-1493, Marilyn

LDS: Homeless call 829-8907 from 6-9pm Mon-Fri. Others 894-1193

CENTRAL CHRISTIAN: 933 N. Lindsay/University, utilities Sonia 924-4946 ext. 274 also Nancy or Shawna 924-4946 ext. 364, , Mon. thru Th. 9am to 6pm, 1st & 3rd Saturday gives haircuts, shower, clothes & toiletries

RED MT. METHODIST CHURCH on Power, call first 981-3833 Peter, $50 utilities

ST. VINCENT DE PAUL, Store 644-0887 on 2352 W. Main, West of Dobson

GOODWILL at 63rd & Main, 325-8101, opens 9 am

MESA SALVATION ARMY: N.W. corner of Power Road and Broadway


SALVATION ARMY Tempe is 967-8649

RIDE CHOICE: 962-7433 or Advantage Care under ACHCCS
BUS TICKETS: Holy Cross church 985-4259 or St. Vincent de Paul at 985-7693. SALVATION ARMY at 833-8322 or DISCOUNTS 253-5000

RIDES: 480-218-2221 or 218-8283 or DISABLED 1-866-550-2211


GREYHOUND BUS: 1-800-231-2222 1423 S. Country Club Rd. Suite 7

MARICOPA RIDES, 602-372-4280 OR 962-7433; ACHCCS 602-417-5010

DIAL-A-RIDE: 480-633-7221 or 633-0101

RED MT. METHODIST: Has gas vouchers available 981-3833

SALVATION ARMY: Must have job, insurance & driver’s license


CHILD CARE PAYMENT HELP: 834-3343 or Jeffrey at 831-1070

CHILD CARE: DES 983-0320 ext. 6235. U.S. government pays up to $10 a day. Or

MESA CHILD CARE, 834-3343 or free help 1-800-308-9000

ETERNAL LIFE Lutheran, cheap child care on Jefferson, Main E. of Power 985-2131


ABUSE CASES call CHRYSALLIS HOUSE 480-481-0402 or AUTUMN HOUSE 835-5555 or DV
STOP 1-800-799-7739 emergency shelters

ABUSE Call Inez 733-3080 or 733-3081

MY SISTER’S PLACE: Family violence call 821-1024 Marie, Catholic

COUNSELING: DES 4501 E. Main Suite 217, 981-6357 Group sessions

SUICIDE & DRUG REHAB, 831-7566 or 834-9424 or 602-222-9444

MARICOPA CRISIS HOT LINE: 602-222-9444 to help with stress

MENTAL HEALTH AMERICA OF ARIZONA: 994-4407 illness or stress

EAST VALLEY INST. OF TECHNOLOGY helps high school students & adults with a vast array of job programs. No cost & free buses. 461-4034

Grandparents, foster parents or anyone raising KIDS not their own: Call 890-7334 for Elaine, part of D.E.S.

BABYS & MOTHERS TO BE: 1-800-833-4642

W.I.C. Women & children wellness, food, immunizations, diapers call Mesa Can 833-9200

APACHE JUNCTION WOMEN’S CENTER: Pregnancy testing, counseling, education assistance, earn money for utilities 983-4673

MESA JOB SERVICE 163 N Dobson is N. of Main: 8am to 4pm Mon thru Fri. Call 962-7678. Applicants must register with a job service representative for help and a resume. Spanish spoken.

Paz De Cristo: 464-2370 JOBS, ADDRESS, phone number & I.D.’s see Roger

MWC CAREER CENTER: FREE, 497-0350 at 735 N. Gilbert SE corner of Guadalupe, mall suite 134, behind Bank of America. They will even help disabled, offer GED classes, career help, CAR POOL rides, business CLOTHES for women on first ave. BRING a list of your work experience, skills & education for resume writing on Thursdays starting 9:00 am in. Then go to orientation class for job listings (3 classes each day Mon. thru Thur. at 9 am, 11am and 2pm) Need no appointment, you MUST bring picture i.d. and social security card.
When applying for a job be well dressed, clean shaved, look alert at job interview, shut off cell phone, be polite, smile, do not smoke or chew gum. Arrive at work 10 minutes early every day; especially during your 90 day probationary period.

WORK LINKS: Transportation for low-income people. Assisted for 4 months, Maricopa county, 497-0350 ext. 224

PEOPLE ON PROBATION: Call 507-8619 or go to 943 S. Gilbert Suite 204. If they are not 15 minutes early to work they are late. They need a mentor


LDS EMPLOYMENT SERVICE: 829-8999 from 9 to 4pm, Mon-Fri.

LUTHERAN SOCIAL SERVICES: 654-4534 MWF am, 5949 University at Recker

JOBS IN CITY OF MESA: 644-2759 at 200 S. Center street Bldg. 1

MESA YOUTH TRAINING: 472-0570 free, BUS DRIVERS 924-6653

SAVE THE FAMILY: Career service center, 451 N. Vineyard at University 480-898-0228

MESA CAN JOB HELP: 833-9200 ext. 206

SOCIAL SECURITY: 1-800-772-1213, at 1801 S. Extension OR
In Apache Junction: 253 W. Superstition Blvd.

MEDICARE: 1-800-633-4227

IRS: 1-800-829-3676

DEPT. OF LABOR FOR PENSION BENEFITS: 1-202-326-4000 or 1202-219-8776

MISSION OF MERCY: free, Thur 9am to 2pm, at Christ the King Church at 1616 E. Broadway; call 602-486-7798.

MESA MEDICAL & DENTAL, 59 S. Hibbert for low income 480-344-6200

St. VINCENT De PAUL: Medical help 602-261-6868

W.I.C. CLINICS: 2 sites, Call 833-0334 or 833-9200

ACHCCS: 602-417-5010 for low income or disabled persons

EYE EXAM FREE: Salvation Army 833-8322 Maria, or St. Marks on Tues. only from 10 am to 11:30 am call 962-0984

DENTAL CARE: Call Thursday between 1 & 3:30pm. 602-256-6945 at Extension 3019. 201 W. Madison, Phoenix. Free

SPANISH SPEAKING DENTIST: 1629 E. University Dr. 835-1536

ARIZONA SCHOOL OF DENTISTRY: Call 248-8100, at 5850 E. Still Circle, off Sunview North of Baseline West of Recker, first 2 visits cost $202.

FAMILY CLINIC: 466 S. Bellview St. Near Broadway & east of Mesa Dr. call 833-8987 for cost, also CHILD CRISIS CENTER 969-2308

FAMILY CLINIC: 2204 S. Dobson, Suite 101, call 491-6235

PRESCRIPTIONS: or call MESA CAN 833-9200

PRESCRIPTIONS: COMPLETE WELLNESS, uninsured 1-866-777-0029

ADULT SENIOR SERVICES EAST MESA: The Staff drives clients age 55 & up, shops with them, paper work, meals, local bus tickets, taxes, drug help, visits, wheel chairs, canes, etc. 218-2221, Patty or Barb, 7550 E. Adobe east of Power, or on N. MacDonald at University 962-5612 Linda

SENIORS TICKET TO WORK program: 1-866-816-8006, 20 hrs / week, but must have a computer. State will pay for high speed internet service and telephone head set.

LUTHERAN SENIOR SERVICE call 1-877-258-2059 or 654-4539

SOCIAL SECURITY: 1-800-772-1213



CHANDLER Medical Arts Plaza: 963-2720 Chandler Blvd at 312 Alma School, Suite 9-C and for cheap DENTAL CLINIC call 344-6109

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  2. Hi! I need this place live me and my son Matthew, please call me on videophone is number phone 480-264-0175, because I am deaf. Thanks, Nathalie

  3. Im trying to get away from husband and go home and get a greyhound bus ticket and I need help to get home I have no family here and I dont know how to get around.. Call me someone please I ve called every shelter and nothing I cant be in the cold with my son…602-510-9347

  4. I am recently moved to Mesa due to my seperation. Shortly aftee arriving here i got temp custody of my two nephews due to mothers neglected ways she was suppose to supply me with diapers i recently found out she gas been in jail for more then a week..Due to the changing of names and being appointed as my nephews payee i have not been able to buy diapers. Does anyone know where to get free diapers? Hes six due to his disability he is still wear diapers/ pull ups…please help

  5. Dear friends, myself and fiancé are going to be evicted and homeless as of 5pm today. Lesa my fiancé has stage four cancer and I am fearful that this eviction will take its toll on her. I am working and in between jobs. Rent is not usually a problem and we have tried every resource one can imagine. If you can help or know someone who can, please call me immediately at 480-464-1300 ext 348. Your help is appreciated! God Bless.

  6. Hi my husben work is slow thers no work for him right know and we just moved in to a new apt we hav 5 really good kids an just got a car with payments we can use sum help with food and power we would b so greatful we usaully help others so its weird askin but I no every1 hits hard times sumtimes I dont really no wer to ask for help and its hard on sundays thanks for listinin takecare

  7. Need help paying for a bus ticket to get from mesa to Kearney ne a lot has happened and I need to go back home before I’m homeless if anyone knows of a way to help please text or call 602 752 8958 thank you

  8. I am a single mom with 3 teen age boys I have been recently evicted and am living in friends camper I have a part time job . recently paid off my car but now I cant afford insurance to drive it to work does anyone know where to get help with car insurance or at least the start up of it.

  9. I am recently homeless with my two kids and boyfriend I am trying to get a motel voucher for us. We are also currently seeking employment. We have no phone at the moment but if you can help or know of someone who can please respond. Thank you.

  10. Jessica do you have any income I am a single mom seeking temporary place to live trying to get back on my feet . I can afford some just not a lot of rent maybe together? I have a phone but please respond first if interested, thank you- Trish


  12. Hi I’m a single mom of 4 looking a gas voucher to get to work the next two wks. my hours at work got cut back and I had the total amount of my rent$754. 70 my check was $760 even. I am not asking for a handout. I need to keep this job it’s the only I got & i’m trying so hard to give my kids my best. cell (602)921-7839. If nothing at all please pray for me & my babies !

  13. We are a family of five. My husband works but his pay checks are 280 a week not enough to pay the bills. Rent is $890.51 rent is due and Need help from some one. We almost lost our house we are tenting cause after five day notice they said they would have a sheriff to kick us out. Cause the landlord will not accept any payments over the five days of the notice. I do not know what to do. Our SRP is the M power box we need help with that and City of Mesa we are 2 months over due. We also have a internet for my husband college and my youngest daughter online school. We have cell phone only through cricket. We also have car insurance and car loan. Not asking for help with internet or cells and the other stuff but we need help with rent just for the month of June and SRP, City of Mesa. The important one is rent if any one knows how we can get rent help by whom ever please get a hold of me. Thanks and God Bless.

  14. Opps I meant We almost lost our house we are renting cause after five day notice they said they would have a sheriff to kick us out. Sorry for the error.

  15. Hi i am single mother of a teenage daughter i have worked since i was 15 years old i do not want any money or help with rent or anything like that because i am in a place where i can stay for free until i get back on my feet what i really would badly want is a JOB i have 15 years in customer service inbound ,dispatching,mortgage assistance, data entry,production assembly ,solder,and coating 3 years.All i ask is someone help me find a job that is steady and has advancement opportunities until i further my education. Thank you for your time

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  21. I am a mother of a 11 year old boy and 9 year old daughter. I am in dire need of getting home to Greenville, SC. We were kicked out of my cousins home because of different kinds of violence and need a one way ticket home. Any financial donations will help. Trying to get there before I end up on the streets and before school starts. I am homeless and helpless without a car and money. I am not from here and dont know anyone Please help me I have one more night at this hotel. Please contact me 314-297-9134

  22. Reading the comments on here is heartbreaking. I wish I could help everyone. I myself have been out of work for 6 months but just this week got a job but don’t start until Sept.1. BUT I finally just got caught up with mortgage by selling everything I own that was valuable. BUT NOW I am about to have my water and electric shut off. My daughter is about to go back to school, JR. High which is stressful enough since all of her friends turned against her at the end of last school year. I am afraid we wont have electric or water which will be even more stressful for her. I have called a bunch of places with no luck. My car is broken down which makes it very hard to travel to different locations asking for help especially when I don’t know for sure if they can.
    If anyone knows of where I could get about $100 in assistance for my water bill I would be most grateful. I could even give the account # to verify past due amount and/or to make payment. I could even pay back the amount, maybe in 3 payments over the course of the next 6 weeks.
    ( 480) 326.0803

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  25. My name is charnea hall im 19 years old and i am expecting my daughter at any day now. I am currently out of work due to pregnancy and can no longer afford my rent. My car was taken from me because i couldnt make the payments. I may possibly getting evicted soon and have no place else to go. If anyome can help or knows who can please let me know asap. 623-204-7308 thank you

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  27. I really need help. I have myself, my seventy five year old mother, niece and a five month old baby, and also a dog. We are basically homeless and I just lost my job on Wednesday.

    We have no transportation, and can probably only keep a roof over our heads through Monday at noon. I have tried everywhere – shelters, agencies, churches, and I just can’t find any help. Either they don’t have a program that fits our situation, or there are no openings. I can’t wait days or weeks or months with a baby and a seventy five year old woman. Only one shelter I know of can help with pets, but even if I could get her (the dog) taken care of some place else, I still need help with the rest of us. I’m hoping there is something on this list that can assist us.

  28. Hey there would you mind letting me know which webhost
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  29. Hello, I’m starting over to build my life again but i am homeless for the first time in my life. My family, mom, and friends have given up on me although I’m committed to getting right. I have a good sized check waiting for me in Buffalo, NY, but i must show up in person to obtain it. It is enough that i can get a place to stay and get a little car for working. if someone could lend me funds for a one way trip there, i could pay it back plus give a nice thankyou fee. I have to go before May 8th, 2015
    I know it’s a lot to ask. I’d be willing to work or help to show my appreciation.

  30. I need help. My twins and I need help ASAP 4-6-15 with a motel rest of month. We did not have time enough to find a place. One of my twins is autistic. If we have to go back into a shelter it will break him. Please anyone can truly help please let me know… 623-341-2787.

  31. Hi, I feel funny asking this, but I’m in a tight situation. I have my own trailer and I’m a month and a half behind on rent due to I lost my job at the end of March, I found a job a week ago but I still owe $700 in back rent on top of $465 that is due coming up for June. I don’t want to lose this place that I worked so hard to get, I”ve had it for over a year now, and I would like to stay here. If anyone can please point me in the right direction please call me at 480-319-2071 I would really appreciate it.

  32. my girlfriend left me and we have a two month old in missouri. im stuck in kearney nebraska but she ran off with some guy here and i need to get back to my son in springfield missouri

  33. I left my family behind last year to come here 2 save my children. Cps has forced themselves in our lives, lied, & took my kids away. Cps is forcing the kids family back in thier lives. They accused me of drug use but ive never failed a random ua. Ive wound up with an eviction because I almost died & couldnt work for a little while eventho I left by the out date. I have a job & just got a car. I need a decent priced 3 bedroom place. I cant pay over $550 since im putting every extra dime into getting my kids back. I am even trying to get a part time job ontop of my fulltime. My mom is coming out here to help. If I dont have a place by August I may loose them to the people that hurt them so bad. I have good references, a good job, looking for a second one, I dont do drugs or party. Can someone please help me? I dont have much time left & I dont know anything really around here. Please text me 4806285692.

  34. if you need a loan or financial assistance of any kind, contact me now with my email address
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  35. Is there such a thing as hotel vouchers? I’m recently homeless, my kids moved in with dad so not to be on the streets, I take care of them daily at his place so he can go to work. I have been trying to stay within walking distance of his place since I need to be there b4 buses start. Shelters are to far I been getting a hotel room with the tiny bit of $ I do get, but its sooo much & some nights I end up outside. If there’s any possible way of hotel vouchers that would be great! I really don’t want to end up having to do something I don’t want to do just to get a place to sleep at night. All I’m trying to do is be there for my kids. I’ve got only about a week and half til big check comes so I can hopefully get an apt. Please help with any info thx ..,

  36. Hello….. Where do I begin…. Me and my family are 8 days away from homelessness…I have an eleven month old and one to be born in November. We moved here from Colorado in promise of a better paying job… When I arrived here no such job and were located 30 miles from any town… We don’t have a car either… Then when it was time to pay rent was unable too cause no jobs within considerable distance…. So we relocated to Mesa with an elderly couple who strictly gave us two weeks to find elsewhere to go…we have been walking the town of mesa for the last six days from 8am to 6pm looking for assistance.i have 150 dollars to my name and nowhere to go can anyone help us please… You can email me at or call a message phone 480-380-9147…please help us

  37. I have recently became homeless i had an house an lost it because someone stole my direct express debit card. While I was in hospital for a month and a half so my rent did not get paid. Also most of my stuff also got taken. I just want to know if there is any programs that help people with first month rent an security deposit. I get SSI every month can afford rent just not security an first month an noone wants to work with me.If you know of any help please email me i dont have a phone

  38. Fast yup. But really it’s funny how I see these homeless men acting like us woman.r not in a worsened spot. At leastwise everyone isn’t trying to get with u for a Buck. And we manage to be cleaner looking.

  39. I am a mother of two and one on the way.We recently moved and am having a hard time with finding a place to stay.We need help with rent first.If you contact me at 7156042678 I greatly appreciate it.Thank you.

  40. Hi I am looking for a place where my 3 children my husband and I can go I have a job I work almost every day I have 7 days to get out of where I am living I had no idea I wasgoing to be homeless with my 3 kids the landlord here said she could put me and my girls on my step dads lease until we found somehwer to go well just 3 days ago she gave me a 10 day notice to get out I have no where to go no one I can turn to I don’t know what else to do if a motel was cheaper I could afford it but I can’t afford 300 every week I could afford that maybe every 2 week’s that’s pushing it though my husband isn’t working as of right now but will be trying …this has never happend before and I need some help I look at my children And feel like such a failure but I’m still trying my best if anyone can help or let me know of any places where they would take our family in plz let me know and email me at thank you very much and god bless

  41. I’m a single Christian mom of two moved here out of San Diego from an abusive 22year marriage, need help with furniture and food and clothing.

  42. Come to Moeur Park (corner of Mill Ave and Curry) on Friday at 6PM. We will have clothing and food. God Bless

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