Who we are and what we do

Friends Feed Friends CoverFacebook-Logo-Wallpaper-Full-HDtwitter followYouTube-Transparent-LogoWe are a group of people equipped with passion and the means to provide a meal and friendship to anyone who is hungry or in need of a friend.  We serve at Moeur Park (SE corner of Mill Ave and Curry) in Tempe at 5:00 PM every Friday night (6:00 PM in the  summer).  Beyond being hungry, our friends have many basic needs.  We try to meet these needs with whatever resources we can draw from.  We do this by:

  1. Serving a home-cooked meal every week
    • Serve a quality meal that we would be proud to serve our own families
    • Serve the meal and dine with our friends, making it a relational experience.  Blur the lines between ‘us’ and ‘them’
    • Share the work – cooking a meal for 75 is an overwhelming task for one person, a large task for 5, a simple task for 10, barely an inconvenience for 15…
  2. Building relationships with our friends
    • Get to know them
    • Allow them to know us
    • Restore dignity
    • Learn their needs and concerns
      • Give from our resources to meet their needs
        • Clothing
        • Blankets
        • Hygiene
        • Prayer
      • Seek out others to expand our pool of resources
  3. Equip other groups to do the same
    • Our small group has enough resources to serve one meal per week.  By our standards, we will eat 21 meals this week.  There are at least 20 open time slots for meals during the rest of the week.  Who will feed our friends beyond Friday night?
    • Just at Moeur Park, there are many other  opportunities that other small groups can take-on.
    • Share our experience and knowledge to help stand-up other teams of servants.

Feeding our friends in Arizona